Apr 5, 2010

50k in 50 Days! - Day Twenty Five

Word Count: 13,546/50,000
It's day twenty five of the 50,000/50 Writing Challenge and today makes the halfway mark. Wow! 25 days flew by. I wish I could say my grand total was 25k but sadly it's not. In reality I write closer to 500 words per day. So perhaps I'll finish my 50k around 200 days instead. I also wanted to thank everyone for your continuous support and helpful advice... I couldn't have done with out everyone encouraging me on. Thanks blog friends! :)


Akira said...

As long as you finish within the year, it's better than not finishing at all :)

Anonymous said...

It's us who should thank you! This was a brilliant idea that I'd like to do three or four times a year. No, I'm not joking. (LOL) Any idea when you plan on starting the summer 50,000/50?

Anonymous said...

I am so rude! Congrats on the word count. One foot in front of the other is what this is all about.

Sarah said...

I was thinking after 4th of July. I have school all through June b/c of all the snow days we got. Then I'm going on vacation. So probably when I get back from that.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

That you are still going forward it what counts. And quality over quanity. Better one breath-taking revised page than four rough-hewn ones, right?

Come check out my blog. I put up another post you might enjoy :


Only success this week, Roland

zz said...

Hi Sarah,

13k in 25 days is no small feat! Celebrate your wins, you never know you have find one morning you get up to do your 500words and end up taking off to 5000 (beautiful and awful) words in 2 hours (is that physically possible? If so I suppose there would be more awful than beautiful words...)

Also, it's really fantastic that you have kept writing everyday - that is a great discipline!

zz :)

Swimmer said...

Even though your not caught up with the challenge think about how far you have come from day 1 and how much effor you have put in to this.

Good job

Anonymous said...

You are typing one word at a time and that is awesome... congratulatioins, you deserve an applauds!!!


KrysteyBelle said...

But you've kept working, and that's amazing. I'm at around 19k, but I'm nearly done with my first draft, so I expect to slow way down. Althought I'm hopeing to add another 15 - 20k in the revision process.

Anonymous said...

Just keep working. It doesn't matter when you finish, just so long as you see it through to the end. Good luck!

Nisa said...

500 a day is good! Don't be discouraged! You're doing so great!

Carol Fleserieu-Miller said...

I think you are doing beautifully! Keep on keeping on!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

You have a beautiful blog! Best of luck with the next 25 days of your writing challenge, and all those beyond!

Looking forward to following :)

callieforester said...

Good job. I have days where I write a hundred words--lol--so I'm impressed. I found your site through Kelly's blogfest, I really like it. :)

If you're ever interested in getting a critique of your full first chapter, I belong to a group called, www.chimeracritiques.com We accept submissions for critique--that's how I know Kelly--because I got to critique her first chapter, which was awesome.

It's a lot of fun to see what other people are working on and we all think it builds our own writing skills to critique a lot.

Anyway, just thought I'd offer. I'm Callie by the way, I write YA. :) Nice to "meet" you.