May 22, 2010

Book Review: SPELLS

Title: Spells Author: Aprilynne Pike
Other books by Author: Wings
Good loved Wings and are ready for part two in the Fairy Tale Adventure

Summary (Amazon):
Although Laurel has come to accept her true identity as a faerie, she refuses to turn her back on her human life—and especially her boyfriend, David—to return to the faerie world. But when she is summoned to Avalon, Laurel's feelings for the charismatic faerie sentry Tamani are undeniable. She is forced to make a choice—a choice that could break her heart.

What you need to know...
Spells is part two in Aprilynne Pike's four part series about Faeries. (You can find my review to Wings--book one--here.) Although not quite as intriguing and unforgettable as I found Wings, Spells is still a guaranteed good read. I didn't hesitate to buy it right away. There is just something about Aprilynne's writing that really sucks me in. Its got this simple, sweet feeling to it. I get lost her world--in the sweetness of Laurel, the loyalty of David, and the intrigue of Tamani--and I can't get enough. Now--recently I made my sister read Wings and she didn't Love LOVE LOVE it like I did. So if you didn't love-love-love Wings then I'm not sure if you'll be into Spells. It was a little slower than Wings and the love triangle between Laurel, David, and Tamani only grow far more complicated and seemingly unsolvable. I will say that we got to see way more of Tamani--who has always been my favorite character--and even though my heart breaks for him now--I so hope Laurel choose him at the end of book four. (Sorry David). I guess that makes me Team Tamani (are people choosing teams on this one yet?)


Book Crazy Jenn said...

If there not they should be, BOY, I sure have, and I am with you! Team TAM!!! :) Great review...I cant wait to read more...

Side Note: I see your reading Iron King, OHH Not a fairy girl here, but LOVED this...and I thought the next one Iron Daughter was even better, when does that happen! I hope you love it! :D

Swimmer said...

***spoiler warning***

I hate David!!! I want Laurel to be with Tamani!!! Can't wait for book 3!!!

Thursday said...

(Team Tam) I Was sucked in and in love...until her choosing....

stupid David. Her choosing him does not make any sense
I'm starting to dislike her cause she seems so selfish! Hurting tam, putting her friends & family at risk, and seeming not to care for Avalon and the faeries... That's the one thing that can turn me off... When the main character becomes way too selfish...I just hope the next book makesup for that because I really do love pike's work!