Jul 21, 2010

DAY TEN: 50k/50days

So, today was a total fail. My word count is: 8,911. Yikes. I went backwards. Yesterday I wrote 1k plus read an entire book start to finish. Today I sat on my butt watching TV. Don't you hate when you read a book and then suddenly you (because that book you read was so awesome) are totally filled with self-doubt. That's how I'm feeling today. Self doubt= word count killer.


J. L. Jackson said...

I know how you feel. Don't fret, you will make it up.

Swimmer said...

I know the feeling but don't freak out I think you can catch up!

Amber Lynae said...

I'm starting today at 9080 so I have about as much as you to make up. I went and looked through some of what I've written since starting and there are so many edits already evident, but I'm trying just to press through and edit later.