Aug 20, 2010

Book Review: A KISS IN TIME

Title: A Kiss In Time
Author: Alex Flinn
Other Books By Author: Beastly
Good enjoy retellings as much as me

Summary (Me):
When the cursed Princess Talia meets her fate and touches a spindle on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, she falls into a deep sleep and can only be awaken by the kiss of her one true love... 300 years later. Talia wakes up to the kiss of a seventeen-year-old American tourist Jack and is now thrown widely into the 21st century. Talia's angry father--the King-- blames her for the country's state and thus Talia decides to flee with Jack to America. Jack wants little to do with Talia--looking at this whole kiss thing as more of a curse. He agrees to help Talia only as a means to help himself and now he seems to be stuck with her. "Can a kiss transcend all--even time?"

My Thoughts:
A KISS IN TIME is the modern day retelling of Sleeping Beauty. And I was quite pleased with it. I've also read Alex Flinn's other retelling story BEASTLY (retelling of Beauty and the Beast) and I enjoyed this novel more than BEASTLY. Let's get to why. This book gets into the action straight away. Our two main characters (this is a dual narrative btw) meet pretty quick into the book and the drama takes center stage. I enjoy seeing two characters--who you know will end up together in the end--arguing and hating each other in the beginning. That so happened in this book. I also loved seeing the 21st century through Talia's eyes and loved it when Jack stumbled upon the sleeping town. This book was funny. And neither Talia nor Jack's characters annoyed me. I found both to be very sweet. So why am I only giving it 4/5 stars? Well--in all honesty--I wanted more kissing! I mean real kissing, not the G-rated stuff. I really love Alex Flinn as an author but I wouldn't mind the romance kicked up a notch. I'm not saying they should get naked or anything like that--but just a bit more on the descriptive part. Is that so wrong?

All and all I fully recommend getting this book. Also coming out in January of 2011 is the novel Cloaked--which is the modern day fairy tale story of several different tales (including the Princesses and the Frog) mixed together.


Alexander Bennett said...

These books look great!

thebookfairyhaven said...

I'm a huge, huge fan of fairytale retellings and am dying to read this one. Haven't read Beastly yet, but that one is also on my list. Enjoyed reading your review and will be making sure that I read this one!