Jan 30, 2011

Book Review: ENTICE

Author: Carrie Jones
Other books by Author: NEED and CAPTIVATE
Release Date: December 2010
My Rating: 3.5/5--Decent.  It was okay.
One Word Plot: Pixies/Werewolves
Good if…you’ve been following along with this series previously.
In My Words:Werewolves vs. Pixies. So to recap, Zara has now turned herself into a Pixie in a desperate attempt to save her werewolf boyfriend Nick. Astley plays a bigger role in this novel as Zara is now his pixie queen. And with Astley’s help Zara sets off to get Nick back. Only problem, wares hate pixies. Will Nick even still love her once she finds a way to get him back?
My thoughts…I loved loved loved NEED and loved CAPTIVATE, but I only liked ENTICE.

This book was kind of slow and repetitive. (As most middle-of-the-serious books are.) I felt like Carrie Jones was just stalling for time for the majority of the novel. It had small moments of greatness and the last 50 pages or so was a bit more action packed, but overall it didn’t have the level of pizazz as the others. So I give it 3.5/5 and I will be reading the finial book—the 4th book—whenever it comes out in the future I just hoping it ends on a really high note. On another note…I am so team ASTLEY! And I loved Nick too! So me wondering who Zara will choose in the end is the main reason I just have to read that fourth book, when it comes out that is.

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