Apr 28, 2011

Wannabe Writers #48 (Speed Writing the First Draft)

Wannabe Writers is my internet writing group. Anyone is welcome to join. It's a place to meet other writers, ask questions, and get feedback. Bascially, my posts are about my current writing progress, my problems, and any questions I need help answering. If you've created a similar post of your own lately, feel free to link in the comments.

Where I am in the writing process: Unpublished. 

My current problem(s): Stressing, like usual.

I was looking back at an old project I started last summer and I was surprised at how much I really liked my work.  The stories out-of-the-box and probably will never amount to anything, but it's something that's fun to write.  SO, I stopped working on my other novel GLITCH and have been working on this novel--ELIXIR--non-stop since.  (Yes, I'm aware that she-I-won't-name took my novel title.)  I'll eventually go back to working on my main novel GLITCH, but for right now I desperately want to work on this.  I'm not getting paid to write so why should I stress so much over something I'm not having fun with anymore?  I'll write on the fun project for a while. 

My question(s) this week: Can you write a novel in 4-6 weeks? 
Haha!  Aimee Carter, the author of THE GODDESS TEST--said in an interview that she usually writes the first draft of a novel in 4-6 weeks.  So I have about 20k finished of my novel ELIXIR and I thought to myself just ten minutes ago, maybe I could write the rest of this novel in 4-6 weeks.  What do you guys think?  Can it be done?  LOL.  I probably should stop blogging and start writing then, huh?  Actually, I'm going to give this 4-6 weeks thing a go.  We'll see what happens.


J. L. Jackson said...

I'm sure it's possible, but I wouldn't count on everyone being able to pull it off. I wonder how long it takes her in the editing process.

Brittany said...

This is really neat :) Good luck on finishing your novel! I think it can be done.

Sandra Stiles said...

I wrote my first draft in one month. My agent told me it needed about 30,000 words and I wrote that over Spring Break. It can be done. Just don't plan on cleaning house, cooking, etc. Good luck to you.