Jun 19, 2011


Sherry Soule is the author of the novel BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN.  Release date: July 01, 2011.  As part of the BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN blog tour, Sherry was kind enough to do an author interview for me!  I hope you enjoy this and be sure to check out her website: http://sherrysoule.com/ and her blog: http://sherrysoule.blogspot.com/

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
A whole bunch of free advice! LOL
I have blog devoted to writers: “Dark Angel Writing Tools” that has tons of advice for writers at any stage in their career, agent and author interviews, and insider publishing secrets. Please visit me: http://www.darkangelwritingtools.com/

What’s your favorite/least favorite part about writing?
I love writing description, so that was the easy part. And I think most writers will agree that dialogue is the HARDEST to write. That is why I am so adamant about listening to your work read aloud. It makes a huge difference in natural sounding conversations between characters.

Now that you’re published, how has your life changed (or your writing changed)?
Nope. But I get to do what I love and stay in my pajamas all day. LOL
If the book does well, then I will publish the sequel, which I’ve already started. I have a contest going on my blog: http://sherrysoule.blogspot.com/

What books inspired you most as a writer?
Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough. The Iron Hunt by Marjorie M. Liu. ANYTHING written by YA author, Rachel Vincent.

Can you describe the basics to your writing process?
Very erratic? LOL
I drink lots coffee, take a shower and then put on clean pajamas. When I’m in the “writing zone” I can write for about 10 hours straight (only breaking to use the bathroom or grab a snack), unless I’m stuck on a scene. Then I’ll surf the web, read online poetry, check emails, and play on my blog until my creative juices start flowing again.

Thank you Sherry for this wonderful interview!  And for more stops on the blog tour click here.

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Thank you for having me as a guest!

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