Jun 15, 2011

Random Ramblings: Qualities of a BADA$$

So in the novel I'm currently writing my main guy character (the heroine's love interest) is your typical 'bad guy' aka 'badass'.  And it got me thinking.  What are the typically qualities of a literary badass?  Here goes....
Tall, dark, and handsome.  He's got to be hot.  That's a given.  Rule Number One!  He's got to look at you and smolder you with those dark eyes.  Make breathing difficult.  And make rational thought impossible.

Dark Past.  Maybe he's secretly a murderous vampire or maybe he's just had a history of violence.  It doesn't matter.  But there has be something haunting him from his past, spilling into the present, and threatening his sanity.

Attitude.  He ain't takin' no crap from no one!  That's for sure.  Maybe he's sarcastic and witty or even just plain mean, but somehow he covers that dark past with layers and layers of attitude. 

Dangerous.  This kind of goes along with the whole haunted past thing.  You can't be badass if you aren't a little bit dangerous or at least leaning on the possibilities of it.  Perhaps he gets in lots of fights at school, hangs out with the rough and rowdy crowd, or a...wait for it...vampire.  Who cares?  But all badasses are dangerous somehow. 

Drinking.  Drugs.  Tattoos.  Drives a Motorcycle.  Whatever, but he has to show you somehow that he's a badass.  The dark past and attitude alone won't do it.  He needs to prove it.  Hurt someone.  Maybe even hurt the herione of the story.  Drink someone's blood.  It doesn't matter.  A true badass does more than pretend he's bad; he's actually bad. 

But Also Wild and Fun.  He cares so little about what others think that often our badass can be quite the life of the party. 

And Charming. 

A Secret Soft Gooey Inside.  Under that hard, thick shell there's got to be something soft and sweet underneath.  Otherwise instead of actually wanting to date him, maybe he should just be thrown in jail. 

History of Women.  This one you can give or take. But often the badass has dated plenty of women in his past.  Maybe he's even a womanizer.  He cares so little for other people's feelings that getting emotionally involved with a woman is usually out of the question.  (Why I feel like even though Edward Cullen is a vampire and wants to drink Bella's blood, he's not a true badass.)

Breaking Point.  He eventually falls for the heroine.  You don't have a story if he couldn't even manage that.  His badboy ways don't go forgotten, but he's got to at least let one person in and that's our heroine. 

What qualities do you think a badass should embody? And who are your favorites?


Anti-Drug Reads said...

What a great post. It looks like you put a lot of thought into it. Thanks for sharing! Don't be a stranger; stop by my blog and say hi!

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Jenny said...

LOL! I love the pics! Damon is by far by favorite badass!

Christina (Christinareadsya) said...

lol, I love this post!! And you actually picked my favorite ;)! Ooh, and Patch from Hush, Hush. You pretty much nailed the list down pat. I'm following you now :).

blondein2ways said...

I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing! And I agree..Edward Cullen is not a badass.

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