Oct 2, 2011


If you keep up with my wannabe writer posts you will know that I am considering self-publishing my books as e-books when I finially actually finish one of them.  (At the rate I'm going that might be awhile...but anyway, on with my point.)  So, why do I admire Amanda Hocking?  B/c she did just that. 

You've got to read this article I just discovered.  Here
Bascially it talks about Amanda Hocking and how she tried going traditional publishing routes and when that failed she decided to e-publish.  And currently she sold over 450,000 copies of her books last month alone.  Later in the article it said she makes 70% of the money off them and sells them anywhere from 99cents to $2.99.  I should know.  I've bought 7 of them.  So, I did a little math.  Let's pretend that each book sold for $1 and 70% of 450,000 is $315,000.  Holy crow! 

That was just my bad math---then I found another website.  Here.  It claims she's made 1.5 million. 

So, maybe the success stories are few and far between.  Whatever.  This is inspiration enough for me today.  On with my writing...


Jenny said...

That's awesome! I say go with whatever feels right. It just goes to show how much you can earn without a publisher.

Sarah Darlington said...

Jenny--I think I'm going to epublish. I just am sick of waiting :)