Oct 22, 2011


Kendare Blake is the author of the novel ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD.  Which was recently released on August 30, 2011!  I wanted to interview Kendare because I loved her new novel so much!  It was spooky and unique and I can't wait to read more from Kendare!!!  So, I hope you enjoy this...

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Advice is tough, because everyone's journey is going to be very similar, and very different. So, basic advice I can always give is read. Read a lot. Write a lot. And get involved in an informative writing community, so you can hear about the industry. There are lots of them online. This was pretty much a way of saying, go somewhere for really good advice, because I don't know anything!

How is writing young adult novels different than writing adult novels?
I think it's mostly a difference of story. The type of story being for a particular audience. This feels sort of linked to the oft-asked question, how do you write for young adults? Is it different than writing for adults? Do you think about your audience? And the answer is no. I don't think about it. I knew ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD was young adult, because the story was full of high schoolers.  But I had no idea what SLEEPWALK SOCIETY was, filled with college kids. When it came out as young adult, I was surprised.

What’s your favorite/least favorite part about writing?
Favorite: The writing. I hope it always feels like magic, this weird, wrestling pace of creation. Least favorite: I assume you mean besides waiting around wondering if something is terrible, so...it would be those moments where I don't know where to go. When the next part of the story isn't ready yet, and I suspect that I'm writing myself into a corner. Yuck.

Now that you’re published, how has your life changed (or your writing changed)?
I don't think the writing has changed as a by-product of being published. I think (I hope) that it will just continue to evolve as I continue to learn. Life has changed. I don't know why. I guess it must be that I don't feel the need to become an investment banker anymore. Yes. That's a nice feeling. Embracing the starving-artist way of life.

What books inspired you most as a writer?
Anything by Caitlin R. Kiernan is flipping sweet. Suh-weet. She's got a new one coming out soon, THE DROWNING GIRL. Can't wait. Weirdly enough, Milan Kundera was a huge influence. Makes me feel like such an idiot. Bret Easton Ellis is a force of nature. All of these people are like the honey badger. They write and they don't give a shit. These are the tried and true ones. New books and writers arrive to inspire all the time. George RR Martin is ruining my life right now. Can't get anything done until I finish his damned Song of Ice and Fire. He manages story so well. Holly Black's imagination makes me want to throw up a little, it's so good. Last year, Ty Roth blew me away with SO SHELLY. I don't know what he's up to next, but I should check.

Can you describe the basics to your writing process?
Um, hmm....basically I sit down and write. For two, three, five hours. Maybe get one, two thousand words. The writing part comes after a lot of book daydreaming. I've got to find the beginning, before I begin, if that makes sense. Then I just keep at it until I get to the end. If I'm lucky, I'll know where I'm headed by about the last third. But honestly it's more fun if I don't.

And be sure to check out Kendare Blake's author website: http://kendareblake.com/

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Karen said...

Great interview girls. I just finished Anna Dressed in Blood this week and it was amazing!