Oct 10, 2011

Left on the Shelf to Die

Welcome to Left on the Shelf to Die!  I felt like doing something different today.  And thus a new meme is born (or not, we'll see how this catches on). 

Not going to happen because I found a similar meme on another author's site.  :/   Bummer.  She just happened to think it up one week earlier than me.  Oh well.  

HALO by Alexandra Adornetto
GONE by Lisa McMann
SWOON by Nina Malkin
I bought HALO for it's pretty cover--awesome, isn't it?--and never got around to read it.  I bought GONE because I loved WAKE and FADE by Lisa McMann, but never got around to reading the final book in the series.  And then SWOON...I can't remember why I bought it, but I started to read it and then just stopped.  A couple incidents annoyed me and I've always wondered if I should try to give it a 2nd chance.  Which one do you think I should revitalize and read? 


roro said...


Jenny said...

Good idea! I haven't read any of these so I can't say, but I've heard good things about Swoon.

Penelope Lolohea said...

Cute meme! I love this idea. I definitely have a lot of books I've left on my shelves to die. I haven't read any of these, but I've wanted to read Swoon for a while. Hope you love them!

Sarah Darlington said...

Thanks guys! I started Swoon once but it was pretty intense. Lots of ppl swear by it though.