Oct 4, 2011

ULTIMATE VILLAINS {Top Ten of the Moment}

Don't you just love spooky?  And in honor of Halloween my October 'Top Ten' list is Ultimate Villains!  What are your favorite bad guys?

Here's my all-time favorite villains...
10. KING LECK from GRACELING  --This novel doesn't get enough credit.  It was pretty amazing.  And the antagonist, the evil king, Katsa has to defeat is ruthless and his grace of persuasion--his special power--is what makes him so scary. 
9.  THE GOVERNMENT in any dystopian novel such as HUNGER GAMES, MATCHED, UGLIES, POSSESSION  --Part of why I'm not the biggest dystopian fan.  It's been done.  We know the government with the all-powering dictator is the bad guy.  Yes, they're always spooky, but give me something more original like a vampire.  :)
8.  DAMON from VAMPIRE DIARIES -- Here's the vampire I mean.  I didn't love love this novel.  I mean the show is way better.  But when Damon's character is first introduced he's downright crazy/vicious/menacing.  Very bad boy; very much makes the book (and the show.)
 7.  THE GANG from PERFECT CHEMISTRY  --They beat Alex within inches of his life.  Enough said.
6.  DIMITRI as a STRIGOI from the VAMPIRE ACADEMY series  --I love Dimitri.  Ultimate hero and love interest to Rose, but when he chances to Strigoi at end of book 3...watch out.  His red eyes, obsession, lethality and love letters/kill letters to Rose are just plain creepy.  I must commend Rachelle Mead--it can't be easy to dream up a character so flawlessly wonderful who can turn to villainous. 
5.  VALENTINE from the MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series  --Okay.  He's kinda bad...sorta.  In many ways he's just a weaker version of Lord Voldemort (who is Cassandra Clare kidding, really?), but for his evil plans and the way he tortured poor Jace as a kid he makes the list. 
4.  THE DREAM WORLD from NEVERMORE --This book gave dark paranormal a whole new meaning.  The intensity that grows over the course of this novel is by far the spookiest part.  Varen keeps getting caught in horrible situations and I was desperate to turn each page the whole book through. 
3.  THE HUNGER GAMES from the HUNGER GAMES  --Let's face it; 90% of the time in this book Katniss is just plain trying to stay alive.  She faces countless bad guys and not all of them in human form.  The worst/ most brutal has got to be the Hunger Games arena its self.  Spooky.  I would have died in 5 seconds in that place. 
2.  THE ZOMBIES in FORREST OF HANDS AND TEETH  --This book plain creeped me out!  No seriously, it was so dark/horrify that I never ever want to read it again.  I rated it poorly, simply because the Zombies eat all the characters I loved.  But as for scariness factor: a perfect 5/5.
1.  LORD VOLDEMORT from HARRY POTTER --Wanted for the murder of hundreds of muggles, torture, and just plain evilness.  Not to mention, no evil villain is complete without his band of loyal followers aka Death Eaters.  It doesn't get much badder.

What are your favorite YA villains?
{Top Ten of the Moment is an adaptation from a meme Swimmer @ Breaking the Bookshelf created.  I miss it, so once a month I do a post of my own.  If you make a similar post please feel free to link it in the comments bellow.}

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Bookish in a Box said...

I hadn't thought about the Hunger Games as a villain. Nice call!

Jenny said...

I agree with Bookish in a Box, I hadn't thought of that either. I do have to say Valentine pissed me off so bad every time he opened his big fat mouth that I truly hated him! I did see the similarities between him and Voldemort, though, and was not impressed.

The Literary Darling said...

I just started The Forest of Hands and Teeth but I was anticipating everybody getting eaten by the zombies! Great list :)

Sarah Darlington said...

Jenny--I wasn't all that impressed with him either...I mean I kind of had a hard time coming up with good villians for this list.

Darling--I hope I didn't spoil anything saying that :)

Bookish--thanks :)