Nov 17, 2011

Wannabe Writers #68 (Cursing)

Wannabe Writers is my weekly writing updates. My posts consist of my weekly writing progress, my problems, and any questions I need help answering. 

Where I am in the writing process: I'm no longer a newbie at writing.  I've been attempting it for 3 years now.  I have one completed manuscript (took about 9 months to write) and several other half-completed manuscripts. 

My current problem(s): I recently started writing a new novel.  I'm about 10 pages in, but I haven't done any writing at all this week.  (This right now is the most I've done.) And I'm okay with that.  I haven't been working so I've got nothing else going on.  I just don't feel much like writing either. 

My question for today: I've asked this question before, but what are your thoughts on swearing in young adult?  In my latest WIP I'm trying to keep it relatively 'swear free', but I feel it's harder to express anger with out the words.


Bailey said...

Answer to your question: I feel the same way! Its harder to express anger with out the words. But honestly my opinion on this topic is as long as there aren't more swear words than you can count it's okay.

R. J. Ropsen said...

  It is important to identify your audience. If the novel is directed towards a very young audience then it might not be appropriate. But if it is directed towards an older audience that can handle swearing, then it should be okay. Think of your audience before you decide.

  Also make sure it fits with the tone of your novel. Choose your words carefully and don't over due it too much swearing can be overkill.

  Be creative and try to think of some good ways to add in emotion like how the characters act/look. People act differently when they are mad compared to when they are happy. Show don't tell.

  Hope this helps.

Jessica S. said...

I can tolerate it, but sometimes when it's too much it makes me hate the book even if I love it. The thing is, this can vary from person to person (reader to reader). Also, book to book. Sometimes I'm so into a story that my mind doesn't even register the swears.