Nov 26, 2013

Top Ten Things I am Thankful For

Every Tuesday BROOK AND THE BOOKISH does a top-10 list.  I am going to start participating more regularly as I am trying to be a more active blogger!  This week's question.  Top Ten Things I am Thankful for.  I am going to make this book related...

SO here is my top-10 books related things I am thankful for...
10. Authors.  Without them there would be no books!!
9. NA.  I'm so glad this genre came into existence!  
8. On that note.  YA.  Without Harry Potter and Twilight I wouldn't be a book lover today.
7. Swoon-worthy book crushes!  'sigh'
6. E-readers... they have changed the reading world.  For the better IMHO!  
5. Indie Authors!  YAY!  
4. Computers.  As a writer, I would be lost without my computer.
3. Vampires.  Yes, Vampires.  Most of my favorite YA books have them.  I'm admit it.
2. Rachel Gibson.  She's probably my favorite author.  :)
1. Last but not least, book blogging!  

That's my list.  Hope you enjoyed.  And yes, I am a dork.  Proud of it.


Sandy Farmer said...

I love your bookish things you're thankful for! I completely agree about Harry Potter and Twilight being the reason for being the book lover that you are. Me too!

I didn't stick to completely bookish things, but here's my TTT.
Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

Jillian said...

I am definitely thankful for Harry Potter and book blogging!