Feb 14, 2014

Excerpt and Teaser from HE BELONGS WITH ME

My new novel HE BELONGS WITH ME is now available.  Here's a little taste...

As I approached Leo's bedroom, I noticed that his door wasn't ajar like I'd left it. It was completely closed now so I stood there for a moment, listening for sounds on the other side… nothing. I’m sure it was ridiculous, but I still felt some strange need to check on him. Blame it on my guilt over nearly turning him into road kill. As quietly as possible so I wouldn't wake him, I turned the handle and slowly pushed open the door. And nothing on God's good green earth could have prepared me for what I found waiting on the other side.
Leo's buck-naked ass.
Okay, so at some point in the night he must have woken up, undressed, and fallen back to sleep on top of the covers. His old clothes were scattered across the room, and Leo, with his face buried deep into a pillow, now wore nothing except his birthday suit. The worst part of this entire experience: I couldn't look away. My eyes, which were probably popping from my skull like a cartoon character, were unavoidably glued to that ass. Admittedly, I was inexperienced in the whole ass-gazing department, but even my unschooled eyes knew a good thing when they saw one.

Who knew that buried under all those designer suits and Oxford shirts was one gorgeous body? Lean and tall, Leo had just the right amount of muscle in all the right places. But the biggest surprise of all, and something I never would have expected, was a giant tattoo that covered most of his shoulders and a large portion of his back. Angel wings. They were beautiful, intricate intense and dark, all at once. I tried to decide if the wings contradicted or complemented Leo's character. Maybe the tattoo artist should have given him a devil's tail instead.


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Jenny said...

Lol. Woot woot! Sounds like such a fun sexy scene. Can't wait to read this one.