Mar 25, 2014

Top Ten Book Boyfriends! 2014

Every Tuesday BROOK AND THE BOOKISH does a top-10 list.  I try to participate on occasion.  The question posed this week is Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List.  But I'm going to go totally off topic and take this Tuesday to post my favorite post of the year!!!

Every year annually I like to post my top ten literary crushes aka book boyfriends!!!  The crushes don't have to come from books I read that year, they're a mixture of my all-time-favorites!!  The ultimate list. (This is a YA, NA, and Romance mix.)
Here are my top literary crushes for 2014 (in backwards order)...
10. Asher Mayson from UNTIL NOVEMBER.  -So insta-love, so caveman, so perfect.

9Christian Grey from 50 Shades.  I'm such a sucker for Christian just like so many others.

8. Eric Northman from the SOOKIE STACKHOUSE books. This Vikings hotty will forever be one of my favorite book boyfriends!  'Swoon!'

7. Peeta from HUNGER GAMES. Loyal, sweetheart, and even if I wasn't crazy about the way MOCKINGJAY ended I will still always love Peeta.  Undeniable. 

6. Varen Nethers from NEVERMORE...this goth guy?  Yes!  He's mysterious, a loner, into poetry, and I fell hard for the building romance in this novel.  (YA people!) If you like YA, check this one out. :) It's very different. A dark romance.

5. Rule from RULE Loved Rule and Shay in Jay Crownover's debut novel.  He's a misunderstood, bad boy. And she is the classic 'good girl.' They make such a sweet, perfect couple.

4. Will from the INFERNAL DEVICES series.  Cassandra Clare.  My fav. She sure can write the bad boys!  Stubborn, aggressive, outspoking.  Love...loved Will.  Loved Jace from her other series as well.

3. Adrian from the BLOODLINES series.  Move over Dimitri, I have a new Vampire book boyfriend from Richelle Mead. If you're into YA and haven't read the Vampire Academy series you are far behind, my friend.  Start there.

2. Logan from TALL TATTED AND TEMPTING.  Logan. Logan. Logan.  Blond, tatted, and certainly temping.  This man is deaf and what original intrigued me to read this novel.  Check out all of Tammy Falkner's Reed Brother novels...they're amazin!
1. Rush from FALLEN TOO FAR Series. Wow. I still have a 'Rush Crush'. Rush Finley is the badass son of rocker. He's protective and full of angst. Gotta love Rush.

And a few that just almost made my list:  
Edward from TWILIGHT
Archer from ARCHER'S VOICE

Who is your current book boyfriend?  I need to find my next. Pronto.


Tanja - Tanychy said...

I was team Gale all the way but after all this time Peeta is dear to me now. Also I get to like Adrian more and surely Varen is unique and hard not to put on your list. Great list, Sarah :)

acps927 said...

Peeta will always be my favorite! :)

Shannon Mizikoski said...

Oh yes, Peeta will be my #1 of all time, no matter what! But I also loved me some Eric Northman too!

Page said...

Love me some Eric Northman -- both of the novel and True Blood variety! Yum yum.

I was Team Gale up until the last few chapters of Mockingjay.

My top book boyfriend is Derek Souza from Kelley Armstong's Darkest Powers series. Ever checked it out? Well... then there's also Harry Dresden though he never was just a boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL!!! <3 So much love for that boy! I think I'll fall in love with Adrian also...when I finally read the Bloodlines series...I have to finish the VA books first though! :)

Anonymous said...

I've only read the first Vampire Academy book so far, but have already heard about this Adrian a lot, so I'm interested to see what I'll think of him when he's introduced in this series!

Alex Margaret said...

go team rush! i am so in love with that guy its probably unhealthy:D

Sarah Darlington said...

Alex--me too! :) That's why he's number 1.

I don't read as much as I should though. And I'm sure there are so many more to discover. :)