Jun 2, 2015

PULLED UNDER: Synopsis!!

man-child. noun.
: a grown man who is very immature, therefor considered a man-child

manwhore. noun.
: a promiscuous man who has no regard for his sexual partners or the emotional value of his relationships

Rhett Morgan couldn't have been more wrong for me. The guy drank beer in the shower, for crying out loud. He had no prospects for the future, had slept with half the women in our beach town of Kill Devil Hills, and had no desire to change.

And when Ben Turner, the guy I had loved from afar for the past four years, died, and I couldn't get over his death, I desperately needed a distraction like Rhett. So I used him for a one-night stand. Because, after all, that's the only thing guys like Rhett are good for...right?

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