Aug 11, 2010

Multiple Realities

Multiple Realities.  This is a writing concept I just invented (perhaps it's already been invented).  So anyway, last night I was laying in bed thinking about my writing--looking at the big picture of things--and I realized if I continue doing what I'm doing now then I will never ever EVER finish anything.  In 2008 when I first started writing I wrote my first novel.  Then in 2009 I started a complete re-write of that first novel.  The characters, situations, and some of the circumstances stayed the same but this was a whole new reality for my characters.  And then--just a couple months ago--I started re-write number 3 of my novel.  Basically little has changed it's just a slightly different reality.  I got to thinking--what was so awfully bad about the original concept?  I read back over some of my original work and with some editing it could be okay.  The problem is I'm already starting to re-think my 3rd rewrite, wanting to do a 4th.  Am I doomed to live in this cycle forever?  Never fully happy with any of my work?  Does anyone else suffer from Multiple Realities?


J. L. Jackson said...

Yes, Sarah, I am sure we all do. I am in the middle of editing my MS and I want to re-write it entirely. I am not happy with it. I want to erase characters and delete scenes. It's a mess.

June G said...

It sounds like what you're doing is part of the normal revision/editing process, but instead of sticking to the one project to get it into submission shape, you skip around to different pieces of work.

I'm on my third revision of my manuscript. I did start a new project, but I finished the first one and I'm nearing the end of revisions. I didn't start the new work until I had written "The End" on the first one and had at least one complete revision done.

Make it your goal to thoroughly complete one work, before moving on to something else. Don't give yourself permission until you have totally completed a story.

Thanks for coming by and visiting me today. Good girl for pre-ordering Return to Paradise. I know it's gonna be good!

Derrick The Plan Naylor said...

Hi. I definitely feel where you're coming from, even though I'm at a much earlier stage of being a writer. I just wanted to share a thought with you. When I read your post I immediately thought of George Lucas and his Star Wars movies. Even though people loved them and they were great films, he could never be satisfied with his work. He came out with countless new editions, fixing things according to his visions. I think it is the nature of those who aspire to do great things to constantly demand improvement in ourselves. As long as your quest for improvement doesn't cause you to hate yourself I believe it can only aid your journey.

Palindrome said...

Yes, I do the same thing all throughout writing my first draft. I rethink every step along the way and in my mind the story goes in a million directions, which seriously slows my progress. Sigh. Hopefully I'll get past that with time. Good luck!

The Tiff said...

Well, I never actually get to complete a piece of work before the process begins. I'll get a third of the way through (HALF at most) and then have an epiphany, come up with a completely new direction for the story, and have to start all over. Inevitably, I'll do this two more times and then get fed up with the whole project (having worn myself out).

This is why I can't finish writing projects. If you find a solution to this unhealthy quirk, let me know.

MaryRedingWrites said...

I have the exact same problem, but with me it's the POV that I feel the compulsive need to fiddle with. One of my professors gave me this piece of advice: "Rewriting can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Only do your rewriting in small doses, by chapter for example, and give yourself a limited number of times you can rewrite it, like three. Once you've hit that limit stop and move on. That way you haven't wasted as much time if the end result is unsatisfactory."