Aug 12, 2010

Top Ten of the Moment

Top Ten of the Moment is a new meme hosted by Swimmer at Breaking the Bookshelf. Every Thursday Swimmer posts a different topic and from that topic you can create your own "top ten" list. This week's question:
Favorite scenes I love to read:
1. The Twist-- I love a good twist! Perhaps my favorite part of any book is a great ah-ha moment. Best Twist Ever: Hunger Games. When Katniss catches Peeta teaming with the careers. I swear my heart stopped just as Katniss discovered his supposed betrayal.
2. The First Kiss-- Who doesn't love a good kissing scene? Best First Kiss Ever: Twilight. Bella and Edward's first kiss. It was so long awaited by that point in the novel. I was just about screaming from the characters to finally get together. It was perfect. It's why Stephenie Meyer is as rich as she is.
3. The Fight-- Any action is good action. I love a strong female character who can kick butt. Best Action Moment Ever: Graceling.
4. The Punch Line-- We all need a little comic relief sometimes. Best Comic Moment Ever: City of Bones. Just after Jace and Clary kiss and then they head back to her room and Simone's in her bed. Hilarious.
5. The Embarassing Moment in Class-- This happens probably far too often in YA, but everytime I love it! Best Classroom Moment Ever: Perfect Chemistry. When Alex and Brittany have to do that ice-breaker assignment. Perfect.
6. The Perfect Ending-- Some books have happy endings, some have crappy, but some--well, they have perfect ones! Best Perfect Ending Ever: (I actually can't think of one that takes the cake above the rest. Maybe Wings.)

That's my list. I couldn't quite think of 10.


Swimmer said...

Grat list! But how could WINGS have the perfect ending! She doesn't get Tamani!!!

Sarah said...

Swimmer--I just loved how he was going and she chased after him. Up until the point I wasn't fully sure if she really liked Tamani. I dunno I just really liked how it ended...even if the ending wasn't complete.