Aug 27, 2010

Wannabe Writers #31

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So, last week I told everyone that I decided to make a couple changes to improve Wannabe Writers. In case you missed it let me sum up:  Mostly I just told everyone that I don't want to limit people to writing their posts as a model of mine.  Some people do a weekly update type thing and if you want to link your own weekly writing update than that can serve as your wannabe writers post too. And also, I'm urging everyone to answer the question I pose at the bottom of this post in the comments section of my blog. And then when you write your own post ask your own question. That way when you visit different blogs than you can see a number of different questions and answers.

Where I am in the writing process: Unpublished. I'm working hard on my current WIP and trying to hammer out a first draft.  Current Word Count: 39,500.  So, I wrote about 10K this summer.  My goal was to finish it.  My new goal is to finish by Christmas time. 

My current problem(s): I don't really have any right now.  It was a good week.  I wrote a good deal and I'm pretty happy with the direction I'm taking things. 

My question this week: Does your writing ever surprise you?  I realized something about one of my characters that shocked even me.  I never knew or intended this certain character to end up like they are.  It's almost as if they've developed a mind of their own.  Has anyone else ever had this happen?


Stephanie said...

Yes! I've heard other people say that before and always thought it sounded strange- you're the author, how can people you created surprise you?!?- but then it happened to me. In my current WIP, the story is narrated by a woman...and then when I was about 40 pages in, her love interest starts talking to me. Won't shut up no matter how much I protest that I don't want to write a dual POV story. Finally, one night- a night where I was all, "Ahhhh, finally going to sleep before midnight!"- he started yapping so loudly that I was all, "FINE. FINE! I'll get up and I'll write your stupid story." I literally stomped all the way down the hall to the living room, sat at the computer, and pounded out his POV for the next two and half hours.

It got to be that I enjoyed writing his POV more than the girl's. :) So yeah, that was a HUGE surprise. Wasn't expecting that at all, but it's been a lot of fun!

Amanda said...

I love when characters or events or memories suddenly evolve to surprise me. It's a wonderful feeling, though it can be frustrating if it goes against what I was trying to do!

Laura Marcella said...

Yes, my writing has surprised me! When I wrote my novel for NaNoWriMo last November, things I hadn't planned unexpectedly popped up all over. It was fantastic! I outline and plot before writing just so I can avoid major plot holes, but I'm always delighted when something different happens than I planned. That's one of the most fun parts about writing!

This summer I started a novel that began changing into two separate novels. Yeesh! That was kind of annoying, but it ended up turning out okay. It's important to pay attention and listen to your writing! The author isn't in as stringent control as we'd like to believe. :)

Robin McCormack said...

Yes, my characters surprise me all the time. Heck I surprise myself with some of the stuff I come up with. Nothing like opening a vein and just letting it flow. My last story turned out differently than expected, so will be interesting editing it and see how it turns out.

danya said...

Yep, sometimes things develop unexpectedly in my stories/characters that I wasn't originally intending. But hey, that makes it more interesting! Also, just wanted to let you know that I've given you an award
here !

J. L. Jackson said...

My writing surprises me all the time. Sometimes I write things that I never intended to happen. My charaters also take on flaws I just didn't forsee. This is the part of writing I really enjoy. I love it when the world I created comes to life.

Witless Exposition said...

I think if you're writing doesn't surprise you, you might need to re-evaluate your work!

Sure we all like to have some sort of plan, but if we know everything, chances are the characters are stilted or the plot is boring.

I know that when my characters or plot ambush me, that's when I'm on to something good!

The Bear Monk said...

Hello, while I'm not a writer I frequently read your blog because my wife (Witless Exposition) reads it and makes posts for your meme. I was really inspired by the format you've taken to help yourself and others through the writing process. So, I've kind of taken your idea and run in my own direction (I hope thats okay?). I've recently been writing about my attempt to lose some weight and like you I'd like to help myself and others through blogging.

zellsquall said...

I have found that one of my characters who I thought would just be a standard antagonist is now embedded well into the story. I totally agree. Also I think that my writing has surprised me when I actually had a text to speech engine read it back to me (after hearing it in another persons voice I was surprised at how good I thought it sounded)