Feb 22, 2011


So today I was reading back over a really old post--this one--of mine and there was a comment at the bottom that I missed but I think it opens up an interesting debate...PICKING TEAMS

Here was the comment in regards to my claim that I'm "Team Peeta": "As for what "team" I'm on... really?? Do we have to play that card again? It doesn't matter if I'm team Peeta or team Gale (just like it doesn't matter if I'm team Jacob or team Edward), this isn't reality TV. The outcome isn't going to change if more people cheer one way or another. Katniss isn't in love with Peeta. If she ended up with him, it would be because she was forced and the Capitol forcing people to do certain things is the whole point of her revolution. I'm a bigger fan of Peeta as a character (because he is more loyal to Katniss than Gale is) but lets be real. Peeta isn't the one or he'd already have her."

I love picking teams!!! (It does matter to me.) And so here is my rebuttal to that comment and my rant for today. Take this years Superbowl for example. I really don't care much for the Steelers or for the Packers--whatever--but I rooted for Greenbay to win simply because I like picking teams. In football and in books, doesn't it make things a little more interesting? Every time I read a novel and there is a love triangle that develops--yes, I'm going to pick a team--because yes, it matters to me. It's not because the outcome might change if more people cheer for one character over another--they're just characters--but it does make a book more exciting, more real, and it gives me a stronger connection to certain characters if I put all my hopes in one basket rather then spreading them out over two. (Is any of this making sense?)

1. So what is your opinion on picking teams?
2. And who are your favorites?
In case you were wondering, here is a list of my teams...
Team Edward for TWILIGHT
Team Peeta for HUNGER GAMES
Team Tamani for WINGS
Team Shay for NIGHTSHADE
Team Daniel for FALLEN
Newly, Team Astley for Carrie Jones' NEED series
I mean the list goes on and on. I love picking teams!


Laura Pauling said...

I think I'm the only one who is Team Ren from Nightshade. He seemed more of a complex character and seems to care more about Calla than Shay. Like really care. I guess we do that because it's fun!

Jillian said...

Well I think it's more fun to pick teams, although not always necessary. I do remember though when teams were called 'shipping/shipper/shipment.' Haha.

Sarah said...

Laura--yeah Nightshade is one where I could sway in the other direction. I'm on close to the edge on that one. Just like with Need and Astley--I switched Teams on that one.

Swimmer said...

Team Daniel! Unite!