Mar 12, 2011

My Top Literary Crushes #2

One year ago I did this post--My Top Literary Crushes--and since it's been a year I felt the need to repost my updated list...Here goes: (This is in backwards order.)
10.  Will from CLOCKWORK ANGEL.  Stubborn, aggressive, outspoking.  Cassandra Clare sure knows how to write the bad boys.  This series is just getting started, but Will might soon be a top contender for Jace. 
9. Daniel from THE DARK DIVINE. He's got the whole childhood crush/bad boy thing going on. Very appealing.
8. Patch from HUSH, HUSH. He's dark, mysterious, and another hot bad-boy. That moment in the kitchen with him was h-o-t.
7. Tucker from UNEARTHLY.  This unseen romance blew me away.  Hold on to your boots!  Hot, country, cowboy! 
6. Varen Nethers from NEVERMORE...this goth guy?  Yes!  He's mysterious, a loner, into poetry, and I fell hard for the building romance in this novel.
5. Alex Fuentes from PERFECT CHEMISTRY. The ultimate handsome, cocky, bad boy type. A modern day Danny Zuko. He'd give up anything for Brittany in the end--and does.
4. Peeta from HUNGER GAMES. Loyal, sweetheart, and I love how he has always loved Katnis. He does everything with her mind. Gale can't even compare.
3. Tamine from WINGS. Boy, was I right about this one!  Move over David, I'm team Tamine all the way!
2. Edward from TWILIGHT. What can I say? I am a twilight fan so I can't forget the one who started it all!
1. Jace from MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Series. Still at the very top of my list!!!  If you don't know who Jace're missing out. Everything single moment I spent reading about him and Clare in the City of Bones books was like book-crack. I couldn't get enough. He's hot headed and arrogant with this dark past. But underneath he's kind and loves Clare. Every time they share a kiss, my heart beats faster.  Jace makes these books very worth your while.
That's my list. Who are your favorites?


Susie said...

I hate to admit this but I know of only 2 of your favorites! I guess I better get to reading (Hush, Hush is on my ereader, I just haven't started it yet!). Unfortunately, I can honestly say that Edward would not even make my top 10. The movies ruined him for me! But Jace, oh YEAH! But my #2 is Bones from the Night Huntress series, because you know he just makes me laugh! And #1 is Roarke, from the In Death series. Bad boy turned (kinda) good, Irish accent, YUMMY! LOL! Thats enough from me!

Sarah said...

I'm not familiar with Bones or Roarke!! I'll have to get familiar :)

OfficeGirl said...

I love me some Jace..but Will may take his place! It's sad I know. I am a cheater. Also, I'm loving Ky from Matched...READ IT. He is awesome.

Jayme @ Horribly Bookish said...

Will bumped Jace off the list when he cracked his first joke about demon pox. :) Also loved Tucker--a country boy in YA is a rare thing