May 22, 2011

Forbidden Romances {Top Ten of the Moment}

Alright my blogger friends.  Summer's coming and I need me some good forbidden romance books.  Suggestions please?  You know the type:  oh, I'm a Vampire and I might eat you so we can't be together, but just looking at you makes me want to jump your bones so we might have 300+ pages of longing looks ahead of us before we actually kiss in the end.  I'm joking, but not really.  It's probably shallow, but that's exactly what I look for in books. 

My Top Ten Favorite examples of Forbidden Love are: 
10.  LEAVING PARADISE by Simone Elkeles  --One character is crippled by the car accident the other one caused and spent time in jail for.  How will it ever work out between them?
9.  VAMPIRE ACADEMY by Rachelle Mead  --She likes her 25 year old teacher.  Nice. 
8.  MATCHED by Ally Condie  --Dystopian society where people are matched with perfect mate and the Main Character fails for someone she wasn't matched with so they can't be together.
7.  SEA CHANGE by Aimee Friedman  --One where money and social boundaries keeps the the Main Character and the boy she likes apart. She keeps feeling the pressure to date the respectable, sensible choice, and yet then there's the charming local boy.
6.  DEMONGLASS (HEX HALL #2) by Rachel Hawkins  --The forbiddeness to the romance really comes out in the 2nd novel of this series.  In book 1 the Main Character's crush tried to kill her, so, duh, she shouldn't like him still.
5. WINGS by Aprilynne Pike --Only because the main character already has a boyfriend and is already in love with another and then she meet Tam. So her feelings for him are very forbidden.
4.  TWILIGHT by Stephanie Meyer  --Vampire/girl he wants to eat theme going on.
3.  PERFECT CHEMISTRY by Simone Elkeles  --A Mexican guy from a gang and a rich white girl, so that keeps them apart and builds up all that sexual chemistry.  I love when they first kiss and Brittany asks Alex to promise it won't mean anything. 
2.  CITY OF BONES (Mortal Instruments) by Cassandra Clare  --Jace and Clary's whole relationship is based around forbidden.  It makes for some pretty sweet tension. 
1.  NEVERMORE by Kelly Creigh --Cheerleader and Goth romance, so they're are all those social boundaries keeping them apart and then when you combine that with the paranormal element it makes for a fantastic novel.  I was screaming for them to kiss by the end!

So what are some of your forbidden romanance favorites? 

{Top Ten of the Moment is an adaptation from a meme Swimmer @ Breaking the Bookshelf once ran.  I miss it, so I'm bringing it back!  Except, instead of weekly I'll run this monthly.  Next month's Top Ten post: Best Covers Ever!}


Cait said...

The Nightworld series by L.J smith if you haven't already read it. it's all about members of the Night World (vampires witches werewolves) who fall in love with humans-which is forbidden and punishable by death. It's fairly old school but still one of my favourite series'. Plus L.J writes some of my favourite male characters.

Sunlight Shadows said...

Robin McKinley's books tend to have this element in them. She's done two Beauty and the Beast retellings ('Beauty' and 'Rose Daughter'), a fabulous vampire novel called 'Sunshine', and a retelling of Donkeyskin ('Deerskin' - interesting twist in that the romance is forbidden not only by a difference in station, but by the girl herself). Those are the ones I can think of right now.

Jenny said...

You want a really forbidden love book you could try Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. I haven't read it the premise scares me but who knows.

Jillian said...

I think Elkeles does forbidden romances real good! Haha. I like all her stories about them for some reason.

Unfortunately I can't think of other forbidden romances other than the ones you already listed.