May 19, 2011

Wannabe Writers #50 (Forced Creativity)

Wannabe Writers is my internet writing group. Anyone is welcome to join. It's a place to meet other writers, ask questions, and get feedback. Bascially, my posts are about my current writing progress, my problems, and any questions I need help answering. If you've created a similar post of your own lately, feel free to link in the comments.

Where I am in the writing process: Unpublished!

My current problem(s): Speed writing...still. 
So I'm currently working on the first draft of the novel I'm calling ELIXIR.  I reached 30k words this week.  I'm still trying to speed write through this draft in order to avoid over-editing like I tend to do.  My goal is to finish this first draft in about a month.  That's about 10k per week and it's not like I don't have the time, it's just hard to pull creativity out of your brain that fast.  I'm taking lots of naps trying to speed up the process.  You see, when I'm laying down for a nap thats when I tend to do my best daydreaming.  I need to picture the conversations in my head before I can even attempt to force it out and onto paper.

My question(s) this week: Can creativity be forced?


J. L. Jackson said...

If it can be forced with naps, I'm willing to try it. Lol glad you are plugging away. You'll get through it. No, I don't think you can force creativity. You are either creative or you just don't want to be.

Stephanie said...

Hee! I find laying around is great for coming up with new ideas. I was away from the computer all last weekend (BIL's wedding in another state) and ended up coming up with an entire new story, wrote something like 15 pages of notes, and outlined the whole thing. I'm still at that rough beginning where I'm trying to get to know my characters, but at least I know where the story is going. Listening to music (when I work out, go for a walk, or drive in the car) is another way to pique my creativity. :)

Can it be forced? No, but I think if you know yourself well and how you work, it's easier to set up situations where you have the best chance to get those creative juices flowing. Glad to hear you're still going! Summer vacation starts next week for us, so that means a whole summer to write, write, write, while my son plays outside with his friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm a little excited about this. :D)