Aug 12, 2011


Author: Amanda Hocking
Publication Type: ebook
My Rating: 4/5--Really good! Worth your time.
Plot in One Word: Vampires
Good want something for your e-reader

Summary: Seventeen-year-old Alice Bonham's life feels out of control after she meets Jack. With his fondness for pink Chuck Taylors and New Wave hits aside, Jack's unlike anyone she's ever met. Then she meets his brother, Peter. His eyes pierce through her, and she can barely breathe when he's around. Even though he can't stand the sight of her, she's drawn to him. But falling for two very different guys isn't even the worst of her problems. Jack and Peter are vampires, and Alice finds herself caught between love and her own blood...

My thoughts...
It's official!  I'm a huge Amanda Hocking fan!  So if you're unfamiliar with Amanda's what you need to know: she's e-published several books, all available from $0.99-$2.99, and many of them are now available on paperback.  I bought a couple because they were cheap and because I recently got an iPhone and the kindle app and heard they were good.  Anyway, since I've breezing through all Amanda Hocking's books at hyper-speed.  Her books aren't perfect, but yet, I can't put them down and now have downloaded them all to my phone.  :)

As for MY BLOOD certainly is a mixture of TWILIGHT and VAMPIRE DIARIES, but still a refreshing and new twist on Vampires.  I love Jack's character and his friendship with Alice.  And then Peter makes for an awesome badboy type/bad guy even.  Me wondering which A;lice will end up with kept me eagerly flipping through the pages.  :)

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Anonymous said...

I have the ebook. I look forward to reading it.