Aug 15, 2011


High School Drama.  There's nothing better.  It's the whole reason why I love YA.  Sure fantasy, romance, and paranormal all make it great too...but it's those snarky teenagers that always up the drama and antics. 

SO my list below isn't ranked from least favorite to favorite in terms of which novel I over-all liked best.  These novels are ranked by which best utilized the halls of high school and its dynamics best.  Some weren't even at normal high schools but at special academies. 

 Here's my list of all-time favorite in-school novels...
10. UNEARTHLY by Cynthia Hand
9. FALLEN by Lauren Kate
8. HEX HALL by Rachel Hawkins
7. EVERNIGHT by Claudia Gray
6. NEVERMORE by Kelly Creagh
5. WINGS by Aprilynne Pike
4. PERFECT CHEMISTRY by Simone Elkeles
3. VAMPIRE ACADEMY by Rachelle Mead
2. TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer
1. HARRY POTTER by J.K. Rowling

Which YA novels do you think make for the best high school dramas?
{Top Ten of the Moment is an adaptation from a meme Swimmer @ Breaking the Bookshelf created.  I miss it, so once a month I do a post of my own.  If you make a similar post please feel free to link it in the comments bellow.}

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