Nov 11, 2011


So I was exploring the internet today.  Fun times.  And I came across something that I wanted to share.  Brodi Aston is the debut author of EVERNEATH due out this coming January.  Under the FAQ section of her website I found something rather inspiring.  (I copied this straight from her website.)  She writes:

How did you get published?
Oh man, that is a long answer. I'll try to shorten it into steps.

1. Wrote a book.
2. Edited that book.
3. Queried agents
4. Received about a hundred rejections.
5. And one offer of representation.
6. Revised the book with the agent.
7. Submitted the book to publishers... and...
8. Got rejected by every single one.
9. Wrote another book.
10. Revised that book.
11. Sent book to agent, who didn't love the book.
12. Parted ways with agent.
13. Queried agents again.
14. Received almost a hundred rejections again.
15. But also received 9 offers of representation.
16. Signed with my agent.
17. Revised my book.
18. Submitted the book to publishers.
19. Accepted pre-empt from HarperCollins after only 48 hours on submission.

So, just follow these 19 easy steps...

Just kidding. I'm sure you've heard this, but every book has it's own path to publication, and no two roads are alike. I won't lie and say the entire process was easy, but it was definitely worth it.

This was interesting to me because I feel like I've been attempting this writing thing FOREVER!  And I just love Brodi's story.  It gives me new hope in my writing :)  Never give up!


Jenny said...

Brodi is so awesome! I can't wait for her book. You always here stories like this and I think a lot of them have that same message. Never give up!

chelleyreads said...

i was lucky enough to get an early copy of brodi's book. so excited to read it. :)

thanks for stopping by our WoW. :)


Meg said...

I am in love with the cover of this book! Can't wait to read the inside. :)

Erica said...

I cannot wait for Everneath :) It looks fabulous.