Nov 9, 2011

The Character Tag

1. Which character would you throw out the window?
Vee (was that her name?) the best friend from HUSH HUSH.  She has to be one of the world's most annoying characters.  Why Nora is friends with her...who knows?  Comic relief?  I just couldn't stand her.

2. Which character would be your best friend?
Hermione from HARRY POTTER.  I always felt connected to her.  I think we're a lot alike. 

3. If you could make a character come to life, who would it be?
Harry Potter. I wish the wizarding world was real and I could go to Hogwarts too! 

4. What traits do you look for in a character?
My favorite type of character is strong and dependable, loyal and fierce.  But most importantly, likeable.  Flawed or not, the more likeable the better.  

5. What would you change in your favorite character?
My favorite character of all time is probably Eric Northman (from the book, not the show) and I wouldn't change a thing about him.  :)

6. Favorite male/female character?
Male - Jace from CITY OF BONES. Female - Rose from VAMPIRE ACADEMY.

7. What two characters from different books would you put together?
Stefan from VAMPIRE DIARIES with anyone else. 
I like Elana and Damon together, so Stefan needs to go. 

8. Favorite book couple?
Recently I loved Isobel and Varen from NEVERMORE.  Such an unlikely match, but they were so compatible under the surface.  Brittany and Alex from PERFECT CHEMISTRY had a similar feel.  Where you wouldn't have guessed them to be so right for each other, but they worked perfectly.  

9. Cutest character?
The best friend to Zara in the novel NEED.  (I can't think of her name.)  She's so sweet and so caring. 

I took these questions from Jillian's Character Tag post over at Random Ramblings Blog. 


Jenny said...

I love this. I should steal it. I'm laughing at your whole Damon Stephan thing. :)

Jillian said...

Haha! Stefan DOES need to goooo away.
I would also say I'd want to be best friends with Hermione, but I think realistically, I'd be more friends with someone like Ginny.

Sarah (Escaping Through Books) said...

I'm about a third of the way through Nevermore--hopefully the romance heats up soon! I LOVED Brittany and Alex together. Perfect Chemistry is one of my favorite books and when I read Rules of Attraction and Chain Reaction, my favorite parts were those with Brittany and Alex in them!