Jan 8, 2012

This Year's Sequels to Pine Over {Top Ten of the Moment}

My hopes for novels in 2012 are high!  I really haven't been reading at all lately--not much has captured my attention--but it will be these sequels that get me reading again.

Here are the sequels I'm most excited to read in the coming year...
10. TIGER'S DESTINY by Colleen Houck --Book #4; Sequel in the TIGER'S CURSE Series.  These are great, unique novels.  This fourth novel should be the last in the series!  Can't wait!  (I still need to catch up and read book #3!)  Due out September 4, 2012! 
9. UNTITLED NOVEL? by Sophie Jordan --Book #3; Sequel in the FIRELIGHT Series.  Loved the story of the shape-shifting pride of dragons.  Very cool.  Loved the romance and all the twists these novels offered.  And I'm going to guess that the 3rd book in this series will be released around September of 2012 (since the last two were both released in September of the previous two years)!  Just a guess.  We'll see, but I sure hope I'm right!
8. GIRL OF NIGHTMARES by Kendare Blake --Book #2; Sequel to ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD...which was by far the spookiest YA novel I've ever read and that's why I'm interested in book #2.  The mystery, the suspense, the gore!  Can't wait!  I'm unsure when this one's due out?!?
7. HALLOWED by Cynthia Hand --Book #2; Sequel to UNEARTHLY.  Such a unique twist on angels.  Love the un-seen romance and the story.  Next novel due out: January 17, 2012!
6. UNTIL I DIE by Amy Plum --Book #2; Sequel to DIE FOR ME The romance in DIE FOR ME was sizzling hot!!!  Vincent is one of the most romantic/swoon-worth literary guys around!  And the paranormal was so unique in this novel.  Loved it! The next in the series is due out: May 8, 2012!
5. SPELL BOUND by Rachel Hawkins --Book #3; Sequel in the HEX HALL Series.  I liked HEX HALL.  It was decent book.  But I loved DEMONGLASS!  I'm going to have to own this one!  Can't wait!  SO excited!  Due out: March 13, 2012!
4. ENDURE by Carrie Jones --Book #4; Sequel in the NEED Series.  Not everyone loves these novels, but I sure do and I can't get enough!  They boast a killer love triangle coupled with great action and a twilight-isk feel.  I'm a big fan!  Due out May 10, 2012!
3. CLOCKWORK PRINCE by Cassandra Clare--Book #2; Sequel to CLOCKWORK ANGEL...which was possibly one of Cassandra Clare's best novels yet.  Jem and Will were polar opposites and yet I loved them both.  It had all the greatness of Cassandra Clare's MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series, but with a new twist.  Loved it and I'm dying to read the 2nd novel.  It's already out!
2. DESTINED by Aprilynne Pike --Book #4; Sequel in the WINGS Series.  I've been addicted to this faery vs. troll series from the start.  You should be too!!!!  Due out May 1, 2012!
1. ENSHADOWED by Kelly Creagh --Book #2; Sequel to NEVERMORE.  On edge to read this gothic/dark paranormal-romance.  The romance in book #1 was soooo steamy...I can't wait to own this one!  It was due out in January...but now it's been pushed to September. 

And a few that just almost made my list:  
CITY OF LOST SOULS by Cassandra Clare

Which YA sequels are you most excited to read this year?  Did I miss any on my list?
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Jenny said...

K, this is just embarrassing. I haven't even read the first books in most of these series! How do I fall so behind?

Sarah Darlington said...

Jenny--I'm the same way but with all the newer released books these days. I like it when books are just stand-alone vs. series. It's nice to read something complete once in awhile.

Sarah said...

Enshadowed is the number #1 sequel I'm waiting for. I wish it had kept its original January release :( Nevermore was one of the best books I read in 2011, and I'm always happy to find another YA enthusiast who loved it as much as I did! :)