Feb 22, 2012

Love Triangles {Top Ten of the Moment}

This was supposed to be my Valentine's Day post.  But if you haven't noticed, I've been MIA from my blog lately.  I have other big changes going on in my life lately (non-writing related) and I just don't have the same time I used to have.  Not to worry.  (Don't un-follow me yet!) I'll still check back in here from time to time until things get a little more stable in my personal life.  So on to the love triangles!

Here are my favorite all-time love triangles...
10. LUCAS vs. BALTHAZAR from the EVERNIGHT series
9.  ASTLEY vs. NICK from the NEED series
8.  WILL vs. CASSIAN from the FIRELIGHT series
7.  ZANE vs. DAVID from the UGLIES series
6.  DIMITI vs. ADRIAN from the VAMPIRE ACADEMY series

5.  DEMON vs. STEFAN from the VAMPIRE DIARIES series
4.  PEETA vs. GALE from THE HUNGER GAMES series
3.  JEM vs. WILL from the CLOCKWORK PRINCE series
2.  DIMITRI vs. ADRIAN from the VAMPIRE ACADEMY series

And a few that just almost made my list:  
EDWARD vs. JACOB from the TWILIGH series
DANIEL vs. CAM from the FALLEN series

Which YA love-triangles are your favorites?  Did I miss any on my list?
{Top Ten of the Moment is an adaptation from a meme Swimmer @ Breaking the Bookshelf created.  I miss it, so once a month I do a post of my own.  If you make a similar post please feel free to link it in the comments bellow.  In addition, Broke and Bookish run similar posts weekly.}

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Laura Marcella said...

I've only read the Firelight and Twilight series from your list, so I'd have to say Cassian and Will get my vote!

Good luck with everything you have going on, Sarah. Hope you're having a great week!

Jenny said...

Good luck with all that crazy stuff keeping you from blogging. I'm glad you like the triangle in the Need series. No one else seems to like that one. Team Astley!!!