Mar 29, 2012

My Top Literary Crushes #3

Here it is!  This is my favorite post of the year!!  :)
Every year annually I like to post my top ten literary crushes from YA novels!!!  The crushes don't have to come from books I read that year, they're a mixture of my all-time-favorites!!  The ultimate list. 
Here are my top literary crushes for 2012 (in backwards order)...

10. Astley from the NEED series.  I'm still slightly on the fence with Astley.  Nick was always the main love interest in Carrie Jones' NEED series and somehow Astley just kind of creeped up in the running over the last two novels.  A 4th book in the series comes out this May and I'm curious to see more of Astley's character. 
9. Ren from TIGER's CURSE.  This novel about an ancient Indian prince stuck as a cursed tiger really swept me away.  SO did Ren.  Read it for yourself. 
8. Tamine from WINGS. From the start I was team Tamine all the way and after reading book 3 of this series...I'm even more hooked!  Great character--emotional, reckless, perfectly handsome, and easy to fall for.  He makes reading the WINGS books worth while.  Without him it would just be another book around fairies.   
7. Peeta from HUNGER GAMES. Loyal, sweetheart, and even if I wasn't crazy about the way MOCKINGJAY ended I will still always love Peeta.  Undeniable. 
6. Varen Nethers from NEVERMORE...this goth guy?  Yes!  He's mysterious, a loner, into poetry, and I fell hard for the building romance in this novel.  When will book 2 ever come out??? 
5. Archer Cross from HEX HALL (real appearance in DEMON GLASS).  What an unexpected contender!  Very surprising.  I only sort of liked HEX HALL and almost didn't read the 2nd novel in the Series, DEMON GLASS, but I'm very glad I did.  There's lots of potential in Archer.  We'll see with book 3.
4. Will from the INFERNAL DEVICES series.  Cassandra Clare does it again.  She sure can write the bad boys!  Stubborn, aggressive, outspoking.  Two books into the series and I already can't get enough of Will.
3. Dimitri from the VAMPIRE ACADEMY series.  In the past year I recently discovered this series--an oldie but a goodie--and no one can deny the charm in Dimitri.  He tops lists easily.  
2. Edward from TWILIGHT.  I'll always be a Twilight fan.  I'll always love Edward.  He is, after all, the one who made me love reading Young Adult novels in the first place.
1. Jace from MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Series. Can he ever be knocked off the top of this list?  Three years running and I guess I still haven't found someone who can quite replace him.  If you don't know who Jace're missing out. Everything single moment I spent reading about him and Clare in Cassandra Clare's MORTAL INSTRUMENTS novels (the first 3 books) was like book-crack. I couldn't get enough. He's hot headed and arrogant with this dark past. But underneath he's kind and loves Clare. Every time they share a kiss, my heart beats faster.  Jace makes these books very worth your while.  (Just be sure to stop reading at the end of novel 3, novel 4 was quite the let down.)   

And a few that just almost made my list:  
Patch from HUSH, HUSH
Tucker from UNEARTHLY

Who are your literary crushes?  Am I missing out on anyone?

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Jenny said...

I am so in love with Astley it's not funny! I need to get to some of these other books.

Sarah Darlington said...

Jenny--I kind of like when you're sold on one character an then another just creeps on in there. I like when books surprise me :)

whispering words said...

Aww, I'm so glad you included Dimitri from vampire Academy - He's just delishious :)

Chloe B said...

I totally agree with Peeta! Also, Jace, even though I've only read book 1 so far and I didn't love the ending. I still need to read Demonglass, but I did like Archer in Hex Hall. Oh, and who can forget Edward?

Great post!
Chloe @ YA Booklover Blog