Apr 7, 2014

Sneak Peak: Want to know what I'm working on next?

Currently I am writing my next novel.  I've never been so excited about something I'm writing!  I write for 1-2 hours per night and all day long I look forward to that little sliver of time!  (EEEKKK!)  Here's a little more information about the next novel I plan to release:

Author: Sarah Darlington (that's me!)
Genre: New Adult Romance
Links: goodreads I facebook page

He's 24. She's 18.

His life is exactly as he's always wanted it to be...stable.
She's the very definition of unstable...given that she tried to commit suicide 4 months ago.
Noah saved her life.
Georgina never wanted to be saved.

That one night forever changed both their lives.

Meet Noah:

Meet Georgina:

The release date is September 4, 2014!
The cover reveal will be August 1st! 

I'm still in process of editing this page, but the dates are all squared away--so if anyone wants to sign up for the blog tour early here is the link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0E4BABAC2DA1F85-kill1

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