Apr 15, 2014

"The Darling's" Sarah Darlington's Street Team

I'm creating a Street Team!
I'm looking to build up a greater online presence and to do that I am now recruiting for my super fun, super new, super exciting STREET TEAM!!!

“What’s involved?” you ask…
Well, you’d share info about me and my novel(s) online by sharing posts on your Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogs. There will also be opportunities to host giveaways, share teasers, excerpts, etc. You'll also help me share new releases, events, blog tours, et al. Anything you can do, politely, to create a stronger online presence for me.  
Before the online days, an old fashion 'street team' would hit the streets spreading the word in bookstores, libraries, etc. about a novel.  Lucky for us, now it's all online. :)
“What’s in it for me?” you ask next…
You’ll get fun, exclusive stuff! Each member will get a free ecopy of each of my new releases (and the books I've already published) as they become available. You'll be first to know about my upcoming work, you'll be asked for input in character naming, covers, what to write next, etc. You’ll be in the know!
“How much work will I need to do?”
As little or as much as you’re willing to.  I suggest you post on Facebook and/or Twitter at least once per week. 
Ready to sign up? Fill out this form ;)
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13zH82bVP8sexty7dZFUyxQP07UZ_l2hhulwxjw9qXuE/viewform  and follow this link to join the group on Facebook: 

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