Jul 16, 2010

DAY FIVE: 50k/50days

I'm just about finished with my 1,000 words for the day.  That brings my total up to 4,921.  I'll finish the last little bit later tonight and maybe even more.  I'm proud of how far I've already come...almost 1/3 of what I wrote last time I attempted this challenge.  The thing I really like about forcing myself to write a given amount of words each day is that I'm not taking much time to think about the direction of my story.  Usually I tend to get hung up on that.  Is the plot interesting enough?  Should this secret be revealed here?  Should I write it this way instead?  I'm just writing, getting it all out, and the climbing word count feels good. 


KrysteyBelle said...

Congratulations! I'm working on 1200 a day for myself. I want to get my first draft of my WIP done by Aug 10th. A hefty goal, but I'm halfway through it.

Nina said...


I had a really busy day on Thursday, and Friday I had one of those exceptionally crappy days. Today is Saturday and both of my children are at home - so my battery will probably be a little low...

Not looking good this. But I've got an hour for writing when the littlest one is in bed later, hopefully I'll keep the eldest one busy with something smart.