Jul 15, 2010

DAY FOUR: 50k/50days

So another day down.  I reached my goal today.  Just barely.  My current word count is: 4,076.  I have a busy weekend coming up and I'm starting to get very nervous about it.  I think tomorrow I might try to write some extra.  I hope. 


J. L. Jackson said...

It's good to hear you are keeping up. I just decided today on starting a new novel, which I am still creating an outline for. I will be starting character descriptions tomorrow. Ugh. Still in the challenge though.

Witless Exposition said...

These first few days have been really good for me. I finished the first chapter today. But (there's always one isn't there) I have family coming in this week.

So I'll probably be writing by hand right before I go to bed. Hopefully I can keep up!