Jul 13, 2010

DAY TWO:50k/50days

Okay.  (Giant sigh.)  I did not reach my goal today.  My daily word count was: 327.  That brings my total to: 1,330.  I guess tomorrow I have a lot of work before me.  I'm already going to be playing catch up. 


OfficeGirl said...

I feel your pressure like its sitting on my head! I am trying to reach 50k in 50 days myself because I want a finished manu to take with me to a conference. It is a nightmare!! Keep truckin!

zz said...

Good luck with this! You'll get there!

J. L. Jackson said...

Sarah, you can do it. Just keep going. Set aside some time to catch up, if possible.

Robin McCormack said...

As long as I'm writing everyday, that's what counts for me. I'm trying to write more each day. Just keep plugging away. You may discover the days you write more balance out the days you write less. Hopefully that makes sense.

Nina said...

I thought I'd posted a comment earlier, but it appears to me that it got lost somewhere in the net.

Anyway. I was under the silly impression that if you missed out on a day, then it didn't count if you wrote 2000 words the next day. Luckily I was wrong, because already on the second day I missed out on the writing.

When I read this this morning I was really glad to see that you can catch up. So after the children went to bed I wrote 2100 words, and now I'm off to bed. I would have written it anyway (maybe not today, because I haven't had any pressure on me earlier), but it's good to know that those extra 1100 words still are in the counting ;-)

So today my total word count of my novel just passed 30 000! =D