Apr 2, 2013

My Top Literary Crushes #4

Here it is!  My favorite post of the year!!  :)
Annually I like to post my top ten literary crushes!!!  The crushes don't have to come from books I read that year alone...no, they're a mixture of my all-time-favorites!!  The ultimate list.  Lately, I've been reading lots of NA (New Adult Fiction) and so that is starting to seem into my lists! :)
Here are my top literary crushes for 2013 (in backwards order)...

10. Wolf from SCARLET.  (YA)  In Marissa Meyer's 2nd book of the LUNAR CHRONICLES series we meet Wolf.  A strange creature who howls at the moon, fights like a beast, and protects what he loves at all costs.  He might only have a supporting-actor role, but for me he stole the show.  Between his wolf-y nature and his protective side, I was hooked!  

9. Remy from REAL.  (NA) Talking about the ultimate alpha male!  Underground boxer with anger issues!  So hot!  

8. Rule from RULE. (NA)  Tattoos   Piercings.  Arrogance.  Rage.  Who knew these things were so sexy!  I couldn't get enough of Rule!  SO hot!

7. Edward from TWILIGHT. I know.  I know.  Edward was so 5 years ago!  But whatever.  I had a crush then/still do.  One of my favorite's of all time.  

6. Rush from FALLEN TOO FAR and NEVER TOO FAR.  (NA)  I certainly have myself a 'Rush Crush'.  Rush is the son of a famous rock star.  He's jaded, wealthy, eccentric, and good looking.  Yet, when he meets Blaire he goes soft and...hard.  (hehe)

5. Perry from UNDER THE NEVER SKY.  (YA)  Picture this: the rugged, savage type.  Mmm.  Yum.  In UNDER THE NEVER SKY, Aria is left for dead out in the wilderness of her futurist world.  She meets Perry.  A savage.  He saves her life and then helps her find her way back to her mother.

4. Will from the INFERNAL DEVICES series.  (YA) Cassandra Clare sure can write the bad boys!  INFERNAL DEVICES is the companion series to Cassandra Clare's MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series.  Will's a shadowhunter, jaded to the core, stubborn, aggressive  and outspoken.  And I just can't get enough of his witty comments and the romance between him and (main character) Tessa.  (Sorry Jem, move aside.) 

3. Dimitri from the VAMPIRE ACADEMY series. (YA) An oldie but a goodie--and no one can deny the charm in Dimitri.  He tops lists easily.  As Rose's teacher, this Russian is off-limits!  But knowing Rose, that only makes him more appealing.  Loved this 6 book series.  Loved Dimitri.     

2.  Jace from the MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Series. (YA) If you don't know who Jace is...you're missing out. Every single moment I spent reading about him and Clare in Cassandra Clare's MORTAL INSTRUMENTS novels was like book-crack. I couldn't get enough. He's hot headed and arrogant with this dark past. But underneath he's kind and loves Clare. Every time they share a kiss, my heart beats faster.  Jace makes these books very worth your while.

1.  Adrian from the BLOODLINES series.  (YA) A new #1 this year!!!  BLOODLINES is a spin-off series from Richelle Mead's VAMPIRE ACADEMY series and Adrian is the vampire bad-boy who makes reading these books worthwhile.  He's so knock-your-socks-off charming he's hard to resist.  Read them just for him!

And a few that just almost made my list:  
Jem from the INFERNAL DEVICES series
Tucker from the UNEARTHLY series

Who are your literary crushes?  Am I missing out on anyone?


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